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Smartphone Tips: Organising Your Apps

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Smartphone Tips: Organising Your Apps

Smartphone Tips: Organising Your Apps

May 17, 2016

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Ever search high and low for an app on your home screen only to find it staring you in the face? Maybe it’s time for a little home screen feng shui. Try some of the creative ideas below.


Default category names like “Utilities” and “Lifestyle” are too vague for most people. Consider breaking it up further by functionality or context. Maybe you use a few apps when you’re on vacation—throw them in a “Travel” folder. If you’re a shutterbug, group your photo and video apps together. And don’t forget about emojis! Folder names don’t have to be words—the camera emoji may catch your eye quicker than “Photos” does.


If folders aren’t your thing or you want to keep your most-used apps directly on your home screen, try aligning them in rows by theme. This helps you identify them quickly as you grow familiar with the layout. You could create a row dedicated to organisational apps, another for social media, etc.




Apps are identifiable by design and colour. You’re more likely to notice the app icon before the name. Colour-coding your apps makes it simple to find your favorites easily.


This is a straightforward method that few people use. On the iPhone, go to to Settings > General > Reset and tap “Reset Home Screen Layout.” This will put automatically alphabetise your apps (except for the ones that came with your phone)


How do you hold your phone? Are your hands too small to reach apps near the center of the screen? Placing your most-used apps toward the perimeter makes them easier to access.

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