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How Mobile Apps Benefit the Restaurant Business

November 17, 2015
Smartphone Tips: Organising Your Apps
May 17, 2016
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How Mobile Apps Benefit the Restaurant Business

How Mobile Apps Benefit the Restaurant Business

January 7, 2016,



One of the most frustrating things about running a restaurant has to be the dramatic fluctuations in customer attendance. One minute you’re standing around, trying to stay busy – the next minute you’re overwhelmed with an influx of customers who vastly outnumber your staff. Sometimes (during holidays, for instance) it’s easy to predict these spikes in business, but other times it isn’t.

This is just one of the many pain points that can be simply addressed with mobile technology. Everything from ordering to billing is streamlined, with mobile apps that perform a number of functions to help both restaurants and their customers. And app building is no longer a process that requires teams of expert developers.

Smartphones now make up the vast majority of mobile devices, and it’s been predicted that there will be around six billion smartphone connections by the year 2020. It’s also estimated that users are spending most of their time on smartphones using apps, which explains why apps are popping up everywhere to address various needs. And it’s no surprise that many apps are also being created in the service industry to help serve both customers and business owners.

Why Restaurant Apps are Catching On

1) Customers can set up reservations on their mobile devices.

Convenient scheduling by way of mobile apps makes it easy on customers who are looking for a place to eat, as well as businesses that are trying to manage their establishment most efficiently.

2) Ordering online is simple with mobile technology.


The ability to order online changed the food service industry forever. And now that that service is essentially moving into the mobile space, more customers will be empowered to place orders remotely and from the convenience of their mobile devices.

3) Billing is more convenient than ever before.

Billing can get very complex, and restaurant billing is notoriously problematic. Given the rise of electronic funds transfers, various payment platforms make for a diverse marketplace in terms of payment options. But now that mobile apps can take care of everything from separating a bill to calculating a tip, it’s much easier to have a positive dining experience without the interruption of billing confusion.

4) Customer engagement is semi-automated.

Food service marketing used to rely on a lot of physical media. Promotions used to be conveyed to potential customers through mailed out pamphlets and flyers, with some businesses even going to the extent of erecting motorway billboards. Now, with all our eyes virtually glued to our mobile devices, much of this engagement takes place over social media apps, which can be synchronised with restaurant and dining apps to receive notifications of deals and specials. This can even be done with distant related or Geo-Fencing Push Notifications.


Mobile technology is empowering the food service industry to create dining experiences that are amazing, yet simple and convenient. We are able to deliver quality and affordable Mobile Apps to any restaurant that wants to increase foot traffic, customer engagement and loyalty. 

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